Android being the most popular mobile OS in the world warrants everyone’s attention and Android App Development is our specialty. Our expertise in Android development has been acknowledged by the glowing recommendations by our clients.

Every company has it’s own set of expectations and requirements. Instead of binding clients with a specific design option, Acquiscent offers them choices between Material design, Metro Design and MVP.


Acquiscent gives a range of unparalled range of options when it comes to Cloud Computing Services in online businesses. As they say, “Data is the new Oil” and at Acquiscent we know how to harvest it using various platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

With an unimaginable level of data being generated every passing second, every day, we can help you make sense of it and maximize your revenue potential by building the right tools for you to use.


Every business needs to have an up to date and latest stats about the current market to step ahead in the fierce competition of today. Our software consulting team of experts has the best solutions for your business based on your niche, technology and targeted users.

Our extensive work experience of working with different companies can help you frame specific strategies to compliment your business needs.


Acquiscent has steered the iOS development to the next level of reliability. With the increasing number of iPhone users, it has become a necessity to develop iPhone apps by various companies for a better user experience.

We utilize the best development tools to ensure that you get a top-notch iPhone App development service with a limited amount of investment. We have certified iPhone app developers with a solid track record of success over last 5 years. 


Over the past few years, Automation has been evolved as a lifesaver for a variety of business models building its roots especially in manufacturing verticals.

Be it a Coffee Maker, Automated File Transfer, Employee Analytics, Handling crucial tasks of Hiring Process, Form Autofill or deciding definite quantities of constituents while making drugs in the Pharmaceutical industry, Acquiscent has worked on automation projects across various industries.


Analyzing raw data and making a conclusion about that information piece help in taking concrete decisions about a technique and process being deployed in an organization.

We are adept in delivering unparalleled Data Analytics services to examine the data sets and draw conclusions and aid organizations by developing specialized software service to be used for commercial profit.


Acquiscent’s web development service ensures that you receive the top-notch results when you are in a quest of a web or desktop application to elevate your business.

Trusted by industry peers and global clients, Acquiscent provides a comprehensive range of web development services that help you transform inquiries into business opportunities. We are primarily into designing Business applications that are robust and rich in functionality and performance.


IoT (Internet of Things) has introduced a promising mechanism to connect different elements and devices with the use of internet to work in cognizence. Acquiscent has been actively working on varioud IoT projects with different partners. 

IoT is one of the emerging technologies that is getting attention in the market for how it simplifies things in our day to day errands. You can read about our work in this filed in our case study – Vehicle tracking project.


We have a reliable history of delivering on time software product development services to Startups with a rigorous and planned approach towards product development.

Our certified software developers and advanced tools to match the current tech-trends yield business-specific product development software. Our agile approach and best-in-industry product delivery helps new companies build ideas into milestones.


As a mobile app development company, Acquiscent has a highly-qualified team to deliver mobile applications for any purposes. Using the latest frameworks we give special attention to the security aspects and deliver projects within a respective time frame.

Securely coded applications can ensure client data safety. This ensures limited updates, leading to a better Return on Investment. You can instead focus on adding functionality to make your apps more feature rich and functional.


Machine Learning has evolved as one of the behemoths in the field of research and development in the digital market. Disruptive increase in digital data has made it a requisite to explore new emerging technologies like Machine Learning to have well-organized data set with easy accessibility.

With extensive competitiveness, businesses can now take advantage of Machine Learning applications, to get an edge over their competetion by getting the right data using ML.


Artificial Intelligence is an newly emerging and groundbreaking technology which is all set to inpact almost every aspect of businesses in the future.

Whether it’s a virtual assistant (chatbots) communicating on behalf of you for a customer or working towards automating sales operation of your company, AI has got you covered. Investing in AI can have a sizable impact on your prodcutivty and bottom line.