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We work with all major technologies and programming languages to enact your ideas across all the platforms. Acquiscent is what you get when you combine the speed and agility of the latest technology with the experience and pedigree of a solid team. AT has been in the development game for nearly a decade. Our business philosophy and drive is quite simple – we hire good people to work towards bringing good ideas to life. 


Communication drives the human connection in a way where ideas can become milestones. We are committed to dedicating our time for discussing your ideas, problems, suggestions, and technology requirements. We can bring your ideas to life, no matter how complex they might be.


Transforming ideas into reality requires a well-planned and integrated design approach. We do not limit ourselves to a particular technology or process. We adapt our strategy to your needs to help you reach your project goals with absolute clarity. We believe a good design is the foundation of excellent products. 


When you need to innovate, you need collaboration. Our highly-skilled developers are trained in tackling any development obstacles. They will collaborate with you through the entire development cycle. Our well thought out process is the reason why our client work with us on multiple projects. 


We consider deadlines as a potent tool for problem solving. We have done some of our best work on a tight deadline, so we understand its importance. We have gained a reputation for delivering projects on time. We primarily focus on customer satisfaction without any compromise on quality at any stage of the project.




“AT was great to work with. I have no doubt we will be using them again for future projects!”

“Great work, very responsive.”

“I work very obscure hours, yet somehow AT Peoples was always available and very helpful in resolving any issues we had. As project requirements changed Amol and his team were very prompt to provided working solutions. I found myself smiling at every notification from them because it meant great news. I would highly recommend this developer. Great job”

“AT has phenomenal developers! They do great work communicates well and timely delivered. I’m bookmarking them as one of my favorite developers! We will be working with them again in the future!”

“AT has proficient WPF programmers with brilliant ideas at times. They worked a lot of overtime under tight   deadlines, and got the hang of unit testing with a special effort.”

“AT has diligent and competent software engineers and accomplished most programming tasks within a day.  I was pleased with his gradual improvement in attention to detail.”

“AT was great to work with. I have no doubt we will be using them again for future projects!” ” I rarely find people who work so dedicatedly to make sure that the end product is delivered. A must hire for your  upcoming project.”

“We have been working with Acquiscent Technologies team for more than a year now and so far we have worked with them on two key Android app development projects. I am quite impressed with their technical expertise and work ethics. They always make the extra effort to ensure our requirements are met.  I also really appreciate their ‘NEVER SAY NO’ attitude in accommodating the changes we requested in the project. They have become a trusted partner that I can count on.
I will definitely recommend them for their software development services.”

The people at Acquiscent Technologies are skilled, professional, and cooperative. Amol really believed in my project and really cared about solving the issues while providing best quality work.

Our Services

Your ideas can be for any platform we will make them possible. Some of these include:


Your Ideas can be in any platform we will make it possible. some of them includes

IoT Based GPS Tracker With Machine-to-Machine Communication

In this article, we have discussed and analyze the internet of things (IoT) based vehicle tracking & vehicular emergency system. IoT devices equipped with Wi-Fi allow machine-to-machine communication using IoT technique a vehicle tracking system (VTS) can be built.

Bloomberg Stock Analysis System

Stock market prediction and analysis is the act of trying to determine the future value of company stock or other financial instrument traded on an exchange. The Stock market is an important part of the economy of the country & plays a vital role in the growth of the industry and commerce of the company that eventually affects the economy of the country.



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