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Power BI Pro VS Premium-1

Power BI Pro vs Premium – Understand The Differences In Licensing


Microsoft offers two paid licensing options for Power BI; Pro and Premium. There can be confusion regarding which license to choose because of their differences. Power BI Pro vs Premium debate goes on because of their features, advantages, and limitations. However, the final call depends on the organization’s needs, budget, and usage.

One needs to know about both versions thoroughly before making any business decisions. The article explains all about Power BI Pro and Premium licensing, such that it can become easy to decide on one. You can know about what each licensing option offers along with its advantages and limitations in this article.

Power BI Gateway

Power BI Gateway – Everything You Need To Know


Power BI gateway is a bridge between on-premises data sources and Microsoft cloud services. It can connect local databases behind the organization’s firewall to Power BI without setting up any infrastructure. All you need to do is download, install, and configure it. Power BI gateway makes it convenient for businesses who don’t wish to store their data on the cloud but wish to use the Power BI visualization tool.

The article explains what Power BI gateway is, along with its types and architecture. Once you know the gateway’s concept, you can make the most of it while using Power BI and other Microsoft cloud services.

Power BI Data Sources

Supported Power BI Data Sources And How To Connect Them


Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that helps businesses to analyze data and generate reports. It supports various data sources making it easy for all types of businesses to use the tool without putting much effort. You can connect to different categories of data sources like files, Azure groups, online services, and databases.

The article explains Power BI data sources in detail. You will also know how to connect to data sources in Power BI Desktop and the limitations of Power BI data sources.