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3 Easy To Implement Tips That’ll Improve Your Power Apps Development Speed


In this article, we're going to explain three simple tips to improve your Power Apps development speed. Power Apps is actually a great tool for implementing applications across your organization.

These three tips can be used to speed up power apps development, reduce frustration for a newbie developer, and ultimately create a more consistent and better user experience for advanced app development by an organization.


Amol Patil, CEO of Acquiscent Technologies is leading the App Industry with Its Robust App Solutions


Expertise in rendering digital solutions to the clients, Acquiscent Technologies incepted in 2014 is based in Pune, India. Since its inception, Acquiscent has served more than 25 international clients and 16+ Indian clients from renowned brands.

The professionals hold technical expertise and experience in several working domains. The team firmly believes that the length of the service agreements and repeated clients count is proof of positive endeavors towards the successful deliverables.

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Develop Your Business With Acquiscent: Now a Government-Certified Company


The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has now certified Acquiscent Technologies Private Limited as a tech startup recognized by the Government of India.

It ensures fast-tracking of the applications for respective intellectual properties and access to Rs. 10,000 crores of funds.

Power BI vs Google Data Studio. Which One Will Fulfill Your Business Needs?


There are different data visualization tools that can help you process the raw data and prepare reports and charts with it. The options like Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio are a great choice

But which of this is suitable for you? The article will help you decide one tool that perfectly fits your business needs.


Acquiscent Technologies Bags Clutch India Leaders Award For Top Software Development Company


Recently, we were honored by being included on Clutch’s 2020 research list of top software developers in India!

We are thrilled to say the least and look forward to improving our ranking and reputation in the coming years.

Weapon Tracking System Using RFID- Inventory Management


Inventory management is a challenging problem area in supply chain management. Companies need to have inventories in warehouses to fulfill customer demand, meanwhile, these inventories have holding costs, and this is a frozen fund that can be lost.

Therefore, the task of inventory management is to find the number of inventories that will fulfill the demand, avoiding overstocks.