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Develop Your Business With Acquiscent: Now a Government-Certified Company

MH, India, 1st July 2020: The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has now certified Acquiscent Technologies Private Limited as a tech startup recognized by the Government of India. It ensures fast-tracking of the applications for respective intellectual properties and access to Rs. 10,000 crores of funds.

Under the Labour and Environmental laws, Acquiscent gets self-certification with an exemption of income tax for three years. At the same time, it will be exempted from the investments made above the Fair Market Value while being eligible for Government Public Procurement and get faster exit like other startups under the Government of India.

The details about this recognition can be found on the Startup India website here or you can view the certificate here.

Why work with Acquiscent?

As a startup company, Acquiscent excels in services in the field of emerging technologies, namely Business Intelligence, big data solutions, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, and machine learning. There are solutions for almost all types of business, from healthcare to education, mobile learning to digital or e-commerce, fleet tracking to human resource management, audit management to travel and transportation, freight bidding to document management and logistics to food and retail.

To stay ahead in the competitive tech field, Acquiscent follows its formula of four ‘D’s –discuss, design, develop, and deliver. Communication is given significant importance while learning about the suggestions, ideas, requirements, and problems of the clients so that unique ideas can be executed in real-time. In the following process, these well-integrated and well-planned ideas are strategized to reach the objective.

Development, being the inherent requirement, is handled by the software developer team, who collaborate with the clientele for the projects. No matter how tight the deadline is, without compromising the quality, Acquiscent has earned a great reputation for its timely delivery of projects.

At Acquiscent, the team tries to motivate, attract, retain, and develop their services according to the requirement of the clients. The startup venture works on four missions, among which the first is to offer tailored solutions that increase productivity and efficiency, enhances the quality,  and drives results for the clients positively and cost-effectively. The target client base is both small start-ups and large-scale industries so that new entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned organizations, get their required software solutions.

While abiding by the market standard we keep pushing the boundaries to achieve more. As a startup our company has a history of high-quality development ideas and creative designs which give an edge to our clients throughout the world. Finally, as an established company and now a newly government certified company, Acquiscent strives to empower the clients.

In ten years to come, the mission is to finalize over 1000 long-standing projects from both small and big organizations so that not only the Acquiscent team but also the customers find their future secured.

About Acquiscent Technologies Private Limited

Acquiscent entered the IT sector in 2014 and in the following years, it built long-term connections with various clients with premium services. According to the requirement of the clients for single clients as well as startup and established companies, high-quality solutions are provided in the least possible span.

Acquiscent deals in a plethora of services ranging from software development to cloud computing, QuickBooks to cost calculations, apps to programs, and so on. Certified by Crisil, Acquiscent has helped various companies to earn higher revenues, year on year.

This is the perfect time for using our services to build your business and work with Acquiscent Technologies.


If you need to discuss your projects, have queries regarding your design, want to develop your services and deliver the best results, get in touch to work with Acquiscent –

Acquiscent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 403 Garden Plaza, Aundh-Ravet Road, Rahatani, Pune, Maharashtra 411017

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