Weapon Tracking System Using RFID- Inventory Management

Abstract – Inventory management is a challenging problem area in supply chain management. Companies need to have inventories in warehouses to fulfill customer demand, meanwhile, these inventories have holding costs, and this is a frozen fund that can be lost. Therefore, the task of inventory management is to find the number of inventories that will fulfill the demand, avoiding overstocks.


A check-in/check-out system is a specific type of asset tracking solution that is specifically focused on circulatory assets like tools, file folders and rental or library items. In these cases, you are mainly concerned with who currently has the item and when it is due back. Any application that has constantly changed ownership of assets can benefit from the visibility provided by a check-in/check-out solution. A check-in/check-out solution allows you to record the time items were borrowed, returned and who took them.


1. They have a problem with manual entry of each device, every time they have to enter data into the register.
2. While entering manually, there is a chance of a repetition of a unique number of a device.


The Weapon Tracking System is an RFID based system that allows the tracking of in/out the movement of weapons from the armory thereby reducing the manpower effort of entering the movement of weapons in the register. This will help the armory staff in reducing their effort in maintaining logs about every single movement thereby making the functioning of the department more efficient and smarter. The system will provide some additional features such as:

(a) Inventory management of weapons.
(b) Help in life cycle management of individual weapon.
(c) Help in the tracking of the maintenance schedules and recording of any malfunction/defects in the weapon.


  • Accuracy – Maintain a complete record of where every asset is & who is responsible for it.
  • Simplicity – Quickly process each transaction will a couple of scans.
  • Efficiency – Reduce the time required to locate an item.
  • Accountability – Hold each user responsible for all the items they use.


  • Report on daily tracking.
  • User wise IN/OUT entry report.
  • Weapon/Item wise report.
  • We can replace QR code by RFID.
  • We can add FSN analysis. i.e.,F – Fast Moving Item, S – Slow Moving Item, N – Non-moving Item.
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