Supply Chain Management System

Abstract – How to manage inventory is becoming increasingly crucial for most manufacturing industries. Supply chain management (SCM) has become an integral part of the strategy for all organizations irrespective of their size and sector in the present globalized and network economy. The organization was challenged to maintain a smooth relationship between the level of inventory, customer satisfaction, and production efficiency. The supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the procurement of materials, the transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished goods and the distribution of these finished products to customers.


The Client is from India, They are manufactures of the Specific Home Appliances like Fan, Juicer Mixer Grinder & many more. They distribute their product among various cities to various distributor/vendors. They are also in manufacturing of lights & steel pipes. They require supply chain management system for their manufacturing unit. Supply chain management strategies began to be used in shipping for a short time


The main challenge was to meet customers expectation. To deliver the product within time.


To overcome this problem, we use the Supply Chain Management System. , Supply Chain Management has an important role to play in moving goods more quickly to their destination. In this, you have to scan your barcode as per the product which is ready for shipping.

In this, you can track the shipment of your products. In this we provide two different applications, 1 is for appliances and another 1 is for Lights. In Appliances application repair warranty option is provided whereas in Light application we have provided product replacement option.

In this application , you can store your data online as well as offline.

Above fig shows the dashboard of shipment reports, in that you can see, you have the option to sync your master carton data with agency data. You can select it agency wise data.


  • Raise your Business profit level
  • Improving product Quality
  • You can meet customer expectations and deliver the product to the customer in a timely
  • Improving collaboration with suppliers
  • Improve efficiency rate


  • We can convert this application with a web application
  • We can use a conveyor belt system for barcode scanning.
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